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Friday, April 25, 2014

“The Exile” by Diana Gabaldon

Title: “The Exile”
Author: Diana Gabaldon, Hoang Nguyen (Illustrator)
Publisher: Del Ray

Year: 2010
Genre(s): historical fiction, romance
Part of a Series: Yes, a supplement to “Outlander”

Why I Read It: Because I read Outlander.

Summary: Starting right before Claire enters Jamie’s life in “Outlander,” the graphic novel tells the story from Murtaugh’s point of view. It covers a few events that Claire is not privy to, like moments with Gellis and between Jamie’s uncles.

Review: The graphic novel is toted as being told from “Jamie’s point of view” but it’s not. And I’m sure that’s the publisher’s fault, not Ms. Gabaldon’s. The title is also misleading as well. It’s not about the time Jamie spent in France. That only takes about a couple pages, shown mostly as a flashback. It really truly is a retelling of Outlander (or at least the first third) from Murtaugh’s (as well as others’) perspective. But once again, I blame the misrepresentation on the publishers, not Ms. Gabaldon. No doubt they had realized how popular Jamie is and decided to capitalize on it.

As a supplement to “Outlander,” it’s very good. I wouldn’t advise reading it before “Outlander.” There are plot points that make more sense if you’ve read the book first. It’ll help with the characters and plot. Murtaugh benefits the most from this graphic novel. He is fleshed out more and his concern for Jamie is better conveyed.

Onto the art work by Hoang Nguyen. I do not envy him this job. Outlander fans can be very…passionate…about Jamie. And have very…specific…ideas about how he should look. So Nguyen had a difficult task. I know Ms. Gabaldon sent him fanart so I guess that was a way to try and please everyone. And I do think Nguyen captured Jamie quite well. Claire’s another story. And I’m not talking about the wavy-not-curly hair. Her appearance is quite curvy and buxom and she appears to get more so during the course of the graphic novel. Of course, it does fit Ms. Gabaldon’s description but it seems a bit overkill in something clearly marketed for women. But then again, I guess Claire is an avatar for the reader.

The background art work is also beautiful. From France to Scotland, everything is well drawn.

Bottom line: A good supplement if you loved “Outlander.”

Sex: Yes. It’s a graphic novelization of “Outlander.”

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