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Friday, May 16, 2014

“The Dreamer: The Kip’s Bay Affair” by Lora Innes

Title: “The Dreamer: The Kip’s Bay Affair”
Author: Lora Innes
Publisher: IDW

Year: 2011
Genre(s): historical fiction, romance, fantasy
Part of a Series: Yes, Vol. 2

Why I read it: Because I enjoyed Volume 2 so much.

Summary: After the events of Volume 1, Beatrice Whaley tries to get her waking life into order. And it seems to work, for the most part. Ben forgives her but her relationship with her friend Liz is on the fritz. She also has to work for her uncle for her Halloween costume. But the dreams still keep happening. This time, Bea meets Alexander Hamilton as she and Alan continue on their trek back to Boston. With the British swarming about them, they take refuge with friends of Bea’s and Hamilton’s as Bea tries to figure out what exactly happened to her.

Review: Time for Round 2!

This time we saw more of Bea’s waking life. But things aren’t so rosy, which is understandable given how things ended in the first volume. Ben ignores her and she’s testy around everybody. Until she explodes in the cafeteria. It was a very natural occasion, one Innes worked Bea up to naturally. And I was glad she didn’t keep Ben angry at her for too long and the same for Liz.

Even if Bea was in the wrong. In both cases.

I really like this character, I can tell.

Onto the historical aspect…I’d like to cheer Innes for mentioning the peace talk. It’s often overlooked. I just wish she had mentioned Staten Island, where it took place. John Adams does appear but there’s no historical evidence that suggests the representatives visited Manhattan. Everything in my research shows that they stayed in New Jersey and returned there when the three hour unsuccessful conference concluded. They then continued on to Philadelphia to report what had happened to Congress. But still, nice to see it included.

The tension in the story was good, in both worlds. The Patriots vs. the British in one house, with the Patriots trying to escape. All while the British are still trying to find Bea. Meanwhile, Bea tries to live her life but can’t shake her thoughts of Alan. He haunts her every move. Even when she’s with Ben. But her tension with Liz is good and I like that Bea is in the wrong. It’s good that Innes lets her character have flaws and doesn’t try to cover them up.

As with the last volume, the art work is great. I don’t know if there’s much more I can say. So…

Bottom line: A great second installment.

Sex: None.

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