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Friday, May 20, 2016

"Ticker" by Lisa Mantchev

Title: “Ticker” Author: Lisa Mantchev
Publisher: Skyscape

Year: 2014
Genre(s):  Steampunk, sci-fi, fantasy, romance
Part of a Series: No


Why I read it: I got it discounted from Amazon and figured “Why not?”

Summary: In a Steampunk world, Penny Farthing is still rare—she has a clockwork heart after suffering from a genetic heart disease that took both her sisters, Cygna and Demetria. However, it is a prototype that is breaking down and the doctor that installed it has been kidnapping people off the street to experiment on, killing them. He was caught and put on trial but the day his verdict is to be read, an explosion creates chaos in the city. The Farthing family’s factory is the target and Penny’s parents are kidnapped. Enter Marcus, who runs the city’s military. Though he and Penny clash at first, they are soon forced to work together if Penny wants her family and city to stay safe.

Review: I really liked this book. It is well paced and moved quickly, which matches the storyline. The story is told from Penny’s point of view, which makes it more intriguing. She is an interesting character and not one to shy away from adventure. Especially because her heart could give out at any moment, so she decides to live her life. She is always on the verge of her last moments, which makes her viewpoint refreshing.

Her relationships also drive the story. The main one is her relationship with her twin brother, Nic. They are a team and work together, though Nic is very protective of his sister since he knows how fragile her heart really is. It gets to the point that he does have some resentment, which is never really explored as it’s introduced late in the story. That probably would’ve been a bit interesting but overall, a small complaint.

The other main relationship is hers with Marcus, the head of the city’s military organization. At first, it’s a bit antagonistic as neither side knows if they can trust the other. But Penny feels an instant connection with him. She resists her pull toward him until necessity forces them to work together. Then their chemistry explodes. Marcus and Penny work well together—she the impulsive one, he the more cautious. But they are both smart and quick on their feet. It’s a romance I was definitely rooting for.

Long time readers (do I have any of those?) know I’ve said action scenes are the hardest to write, so I try not to go too hard on writers for them if they are lacking. Mantchev’s action scenes were very good. They pulled me in and had me intrigued. Bravo!

Bottom line: A very good read and a nice jaunt into the Steampunk world.
Sex: No.

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