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Friday, January 20, 2017

"Dot Complicated" by Randi Zuckerberg

Title:  Dot Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives
Author: Randi Zuckerberg
Publisher: HarperOne
Year: 2013
Genre(s):  non-fiction, memoir
Part of a Series: No

Why I read it: I saw Randi Zuckerberg give a presentation and decided to give it a read.

Summary: Randi Zuckerberg talks about her personal journey with Facebook and imparts lessons she’s learned as technology has engulfed our lives.

Review: As a Millennial who came of age amongst a major technology boom, I truly appreciated this book. If I ever have my own bookcase in my office, I’d put this book on it.

Randi discusses her past as well as her experiences working for Facebook. She talks about being on the forefront of a technological advancement and of the doors it opened for her. All of these are mixed in with her observations and studies about how technology has changed everyone’s lives.

Throughout the book, she offers tips for how to integrate technology in one’s life and how someone can use it to advance themselves in this new world. She also explains how technology can take over one’s life and offers tips to help prevent that, to not miss out because we’re too attached to technology.

She has a great voice and it matches how charismatic she is as a speaker. However she also balances her own anecdotal evidence with more scientific ones. So it is a more balanced view of technology.

Bottom line: A good book for people interested in how to use technology and not misuse it in their lives.

Sex: Nope.

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Has technology taken over your life? 

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