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Friday, January 27, 2017

"Sorry Not Sorry" by Naya Rivera

Title:  Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up
Author: Naya Rivera
Publisher: Tarcherperigee
Year: 2016
Genre(s):  non-fiction, memoir
Part of a Series: No

Why I read it: I was a Glee fan and was curious.

Summary: Actress Naya Rivera writes about her life as a child actress and the lessons she learned both on set and off set.

Review: Naya has a great voice and her humor comes across in her writing very well. She can be descriptive, but the book has a very “telling, not showing” aspect to it. There are some aspects she did describe but there were points where she could’ve described more.

Naya is as straightforward and as blunt as Santana was on Glee in her writing. She owns up to her own mistakes and poor decisions and doesn’t try to sugarcoat them. And she doesn’t really gloss over any period in her life. Her early child spent on TV sets, her awkward years in middle school, her eating disorder, family troubles and love life are all discussed.

She also discusses her lows in her career and how she almost gave up acting all together. Then she got a guest role on CSI: Miami before landing the role of Santana on Glee. Her section dedicated to Glee is a bit jumbled, and she addresses several things in no particularly order, including Cory Monteith’s untimely death and her feud with Lea Michele. She also addresses the time she was briefly fired and does admit her own part in that.

Her relationship with Big Sean is also covered and from her side, it seemed like she was more aware of how big a commitment marriage was than him. It also seemed the relationship moved quickly and there were warning signs she ignored. She then also talks about her relationship with Ryan, which also had a few warning signs to me but news of their divorce still surprised me.

I enjoyed reading her stories and liked how she broke down the lessons she learned in a “Sorry, Not Sorry” list at the end each chapter. It was a great way to wrap them up.

Bottom line: Good read if you’re a fan of Naya.
Sex: While she doesn’t go into graphic detail, Naya does not shy away from discussing her sex life.

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